Be better, every day.

Moni's is built on the foundation that everyone should be paid a livable wage for their work and everyone has value outside of "work", as a human being. We respect every team member and work hard to create an environment for growth. As a matter of fact, when you come join us, you will hear the leadership team say the phrase "better every day" all the time. Why? Because individual growth makes the whole team stronger. We want you to earn money, grow professionally, and grow personally. Be better, every day.

Here are the Four Pillars that allow for the growth:

1- Excellence

Why do something half-hearted? We separate ourselves by being excellent, not just "good". Are you tired of working with people who don't care? Come join a team that takes pride in the work we do!

2- Communication

Effective communication creates success for everyone! When there's a problem, we communicate and find solutions so that everybody wins. There is no retribution, fear, or anxiety- communication is rewarded. Let's find way's to achieve our goals, together.

3- Flexibility

The restaurant industry is constantly changing, and feeding hungry people, creating wedding rehearsal dinners, serving unique Chef's Table meals, and catering to hungry companies requires the ability to adapt to new requests and overcome challenges. Work with a team that finds success no matter the obstacle!

4- Teamwork

Success breeds success. We earn our customer's business every day, and set up repeat customers and future business by helping each other today. Teamwork allows for growth in leadership skills as everyone has a voice to be heard and a way for the team to succeed. We encourage each other, help each other, and grow in our personal and professional lives.

Currently Hiring:

Servers (PT/FT)

Dishwashers (PT/FT)

Host/Hostess (PT/FT)